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The Ultimate Guide to PPC Metrics: Are You Measuring Your Paid Search Holistically?

Since most advertisers have a finite Paid Search budget to work with, the first and foremost task is accountability. So, before you spend a dime on your PPC campaign, you need to make sure you have proper tracking in place to measure its effectiveness.  But how do you know if you’re looking at the right [...]

13 Tricks & Tips for Outstanding PPC Ad Copy

Some search engine marketers view copywriting as an opportunity to be creative. However, in reality, ad copy performance is dependent on a Google AdWords algorithm and a few behavioral patterns of the searchers. Viewed in this light, ad copy becomes much less creative than one might think, and with the implementation of a few best [...]

Paid Search Marketing Giants Jockey for Power in China

As integrated as Google is in the average American life, it might be surprising to many to discover that other parts of the world are still defining the parameters and masters of their internet use. China in particular is wading through a sea of search competitors, namely Google China, Baidu, Soso, Sogou, Bing, and Yahoo [...]

Google’s improved social SERPs: what does it means for advertisers?

Earlier today Google announced their new and improved social search results. As an avid Google+ (and pretty much all things Google) fan, I was excited about the news. Naturally, I spent the first hour of my day reading the coverage on all of the blogs. But as I read through story after story explaining all of [...]

10+ Marketing Tips for your Google+ Brand or Business Page

Earlier today Google announced Google+ pages, which means businesses can finally join the G+ community! These pages, which are similar in essence to Facebook pages are designed for businesses, brands, organizations, and any other group that wants to join. Immediately after the announcement was made, the blogosphere went crazy. People have been asking about brands [...]

Advanced Negative Keyword Strategies

Of all the keyword match types at a search marketer’s disposal, negative keyword matching is often an afterthought in paid search campaigns. When optimizing campaigns for new clients, usually I’ll find little more than a handful of ‘must not buy’ negatives already in their campaigns, and sometimes none at all. The truth is, unless your [...]

Improving Your MSN adCenter Campaigns

MSN adCenter is the second most popular paid search platform, obviously behind Google AdWords. Unfortunately, because Google is so popular many search advertisers put their adCenter campaigns on the “back burner” and never give them much attention.