Twitter Releases Lead Generation to Twitter Cards!

What is a Twitter Card?

Twitter Cards are a feature that Twitter developed in 2012 to help your followers discover interactive and media experiences through Tweets.  It is one way to customize the content on Tweets to proactively spread awareness about companies or brands. Users are able to expand tweets and view “cards” which contain websites, images, videos, products, and other information. Companies can use the twitter card to improve the experience of followers by providing more dynamic Tweets. There are currently 8 types of Twitter Cards including the newest Lead Generation Card.


What are Lead Generation Cards?

Lead Generation Cards will allow marketers to directly collect leads within a Tweet. It is a paid feature under Promoted tweets, which is part of Twitter Ads.  Marketers gain the ability to see the name, user name, and email address of followers when followers choose to click on the call-to-action button. The users information can be sent directly to your customer relationship management (CRM) system. The messaging, image, and call-to-action are all customizable, but the Cards lend themselves to discounts or promotional offers since they incentivize followers to click. Users simply need to expand a tweet with the lead generator connected, view the offer details and image, then click the call-to-action button.  The user will never have to leave the expanded tweet to obtain the offer or fill out a lead form.

Interestingly, a follower does not need to fill out any forms after clicking the call-to-action button for companies to obtain their contact information. Twitter collects users names, emails, and twitter handles when they originally signup for accounts, and that data is what transfers over to advertisers when the user clicks the call-to-action button. This one-click lead makes the process less tedious for the user and eases the path to conversion. Essentially, it lets companies sign up followers/customers within a tweet, rather than filling out a form on a new page. It is only available for partners of Twitter at the moment, but soon small and large companies will be able to take advantage of the program.

What Marketers Should Know

For lead generation marketers, this new Lead Generation card makes life a little easier. Twitter Cards offer more control and the ability to collect the emails of followers who expresses an interest in a brand. It also shortens the conversion path by allowing users to express an interest and submit contact information to brands without leaving Twitter or filling out a subscription form. Setting up the card is a 5 step process:

1. Set up CRM integration

2. Create a new card

3. Create content for the card

4. Set technical settings

5. Run campaign and see results

Once your cards start collecting leads, Twitter recommends optimizing your Lead Generation Cards regularly by testing multiple offers and call-to-actions and, as always, tailoring your messaging to reach your most qualified audience.

About the author

Tim Moyer Tim Moyer is a marketing professional who has worked on marketing campaigns at Catalyst S+F, University of San Francisco, and McEvoy Media: 7x7 Magazine. He recently graduated from the University of San Francisco with a bachelors in marketing. Twitter: @TimothyMoyer1

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